Spider-Man Hides Amusing Family Guy Easter Egg (VIDEO)

Spider-Man has always been known as a superhero with a mostly witty sense of humor, especially back in the comics and most recently in actor Tom Holland for the Marvel…

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Rick and Morty Tattoo

Rick And Morty Tattoo Brings Out The Internet’s Creative Schwiftiness (VIDEO)

Given the length of time it took to make the official renewal of Rick and Morty for 70 more episodes, it seems as though fans will still have quite a…

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The Simpsons And Family Guy Movies Currently In Development

Following the success of The Simpsons Movie in 2007, which grossed at $527 million globally, it’s safe to say that 20th Century Fox is ready for another animated hit. The…

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The Venture Bros. Announces Series Premiere Of Season 7 (VIDEO)

Adult Swim finally announces the season 7 premiere of The Venture Bros! It’s been a couple years since the finale of season six, but Hank, Dean and company are ready…

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Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack: Back To The Past Board Game Now Available For Pre-Order

Samurai Jack is a national treasure and there’s nothing you or anybody can say that could change our minds. While the beloved animated show itself may have ended with a…

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Rick And Morty Receives Massive 70-Episode Renewal

Rick And Morty Receives Massive 70-Episode Renewal

The Adult Swim phenomenon that is Rick And Morty recently left fans in a bit of a rut thanks to the comedy show’s uncertain future, though it appears now that…

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PlayStation 4 Pro Ad

Hilarious PlayStation 4 Pro Ad Features God Of War’s Kratos Basketball Skills (VIDEO)

With the release of Santa Monica Studios’ God of War, the epic Norse lore-inspired game was finally unleashed to the gaming masses after an extremely successful marketing campaign. Trailers featuring Kratos…

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Fortnite Versus PUBG: Adult Swim Picks A Side (VIDEO)

Fortnite Versus PUBG: Adult Swim Hilariously Picks A Side (VIDEO)

Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are two of the hottest topics in gaming right now. Both battle royale games have garnered tons of attention lately, be it from celebrity streamers or…

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Funko Rick

New Funko Rick and Morty Figures Keep It Post-Apocalyptic

This past year saw Rick & Morty, the cult favorite animated Adult Swim series, become the top-rated comedy series on television and a pop culture phenomenon hitting even mainstream headlines….

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More Rick and Morty Funko Pops are Releasing This Fall — Here’s a Sneak Peek (GALLERY)

Alongside the already release Pop! vinyl collectibles, plushies, action figures, and other themed novelty items, five more Rick and Morty Funko Pops are releasing in Fall. This November, add Scary…

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