Rick and Morty Alien: Covenant

Rick and Morty Promote Alien: Covenant in Short Ad (VIDEO)

Fans of the Alien franchise are preparing to face off against the terrifying Xenomorphs with the latest addition, Alien: Covenant. Any fan of the series knows that within the sci-fi horror films, there will…

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Alien Covenant Clip Reveals Frightening Facehugger Encounter (VIDEO)

This is one snuggle bug you do NOT want to mess with! In a new clip from the upcoming Alien Covenant film, viewers get their first real glimpse at the…

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These New Alien: Covenant Teaser Clips Bring the Suspense and Trepidation (VIDEO)

Alien: Covenant is almost here, just a few more weeks to go before the next phase in the Alien franchise releases in theaters world-wide. With no shortage of videos or…

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Ridley Scott Takes the Helm of Alien’s Future – Neil Blomkamp’s Alien 5 Dead in the Water

For fans of the Alien franchise, Ridley Scott has a few words regarding the Alien series and its future. Alien provided the foundation for Ridley’s career and when he resumed…

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The Newest Funko Pop Collection Includes Face Hugs – Check Out the Alien: Covenant Line Just Announced

The latest additions to the ever growing Funko Pop collection has finally been revealed to fans everywhere. This time, these adorable little figures are taking on a more sinister franchise,…

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Heartbreaking Last Messages Back Home From the Crew in Latest Alien: Covenant Trailer (VIDEO)

From the teasers we’ve seen thus far, the latest installment to the Alien franchise ‘Covenant’ is going to be just as terrifying as fans would expect. With the film’s release…

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TV Spots

Fox Releases Three New TV Spots for Alien: Covenant – “Run, Pray, Hide” (VIDEO)

With Fox’s newest installment to the ever popular Alien franchise coming soon, the studio is prepping for some serious scares as the day draws ever closer to its release. Recently,…

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New Alien: Covenant Poster is Sexy as Much as it is Terrifying- Plus the Future of the Franchise

The latest installment into the long-running Alien franchise is still a couple of months from release, but that isn’t stopping the producers from pumping out a steady flow of awesome material to get…

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Alien: Covenant Video Introduces the World to Walter the Android (VIDEO)

Since the beginning of the Alien franchise, androids have played key roles in the stories of each film. The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is the intergalactic conglomerate that is responsible for most of the…

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official Alien Covenant trailer

Official Alien Covenant Trailer Details Intense Story and New Xenomorph (VIDEO)

As if the teaser trailer wasn’t enough to get fans of the Alien series amped for the next installment, 20th Century Fox released the official Alien Covenant trailer which details…

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