Rick and Morty Facehugger Funko POP! Now Available

Rick and Morty continues to be the show that people can’t stop talking about. Now that we’re not all fighting over szechuan sauce, we can move onto other (more important) matters … like…

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Rick and Morty Alien: Covenant

Rick and Morty Promote Alien: Covenant in Short Ad (VIDEO)

Fans of the Alien franchise are preparing to face off against the terrifying Xenomorphs with the latest addition, Alien: Covenant. Any fan of the series knows that within the sci-fi horror films, there will…

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Alien Covenant Clip Reveals Frightening Facehugger Encounter (VIDEO)

This is one snuggle bug you do NOT want to mess with! In a new clip from the upcoming Alien Covenant film, viewers get their first real glimpse at the…

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