Resident Evil 7 Demo Finally Comes to the Xbox One – Full Details Here

PlayStation 4 fans have been able to enjoy a plethora of demos from the upcoming game by Capcom: Resident Evil 7. From the crazy lady in the kitchen, to general exploration, mannequin fingers – there has been a lot to enjoy and now Xbox One fans will finally get their taste of the latest horror game.

Unfortunately, it won’t be the four hour demo that Sony fans got to experience with the duel endings, but they will still get to play the Beginning Hour Demo . This particular demo is short yet free and offers Xbox players to see what lies in wait with the latest addition to this well known franchise. You can download the demo here if you are interested. The spooky part of these demos (and the part that made me break their display at E3 accidentally when I got scared in VR, long story) is that players will take on the role of the protagonist in first-person view for an up close and personal view in-game.

Resident Evil 7 Demo
Resident Evil 7 Demo


Sorry, PC Master Race fans of the series – the demos are not yet available for this platform but there is a teaser on its way to Steam on December 19th, so that’s something! What better way to spend the holidays than getting the ever loving piss scared out of you? Spells out a good time to us.

From the bit I played at this year’s E3 convention, the game was majestic. Very reminiscent of the original Resident Evil games with the puzzles, mechanics, and overall game atmosphere. Fans of the first in the series will love it – RE7 definitely had the feeling of coming home. You know, if your home was a house that brought nothing but death and terror. Speaking of death and terror, check out the amazing Collector’s Edition for the latest addition to the franchise here to see the house IRL and own it for your very own.

What are your thoughts on the series so far? Anything in particular you are looking forward to with RE7? Sound off with your thoughts below and don’t forget to stay tuned with DFTG for all your gaming news!

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