Special Edition Kingdom Hearts PS4 is Simple and Stunning

There’s a new PlayStation 4 lurking in our midst these days, and it is absolutely stunning. With a simplistic look that evokes the gaming fanatic in all of us, the special edition Kingdom Hearts PS4 has hit shelves in Japan, and fans are eating up the design. Just take a look below and see what we mean!

Kingdom Hearts PS4

The reveal of this beautiful console comes just in time to celebrate the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8. According to the Japanese website 4Gamer, the console comes in either 500GB or 1TB jet black, runs a Kingdom Hearts themed menu, has a special Kingdom Hearts 15th anniversary top cover, which is also available separately for 2,000 yen (or about $18 for us Westerners).


Here’s the sad part: This tricked out, beauty of a machine is only available in Japan. So far, there has been no word on whether or not this special edition console will be coming to the States, but you can jump online and try to get one from Japanese retailers in the interim. The 500GB console runs about 33,980 yen or close to $300, while the 1TB costs roughly 38,980 yen or $350.

kingdom hearts

This is certainly a stunning looking piece of equipment, and it’s definitely high time that Sony brought its A-game to the console market. This year, Microsoft released its blood-red, and hauntingly beautiful Gears of War 4 console to the fans, making gamers envious of those who managed to snag this bad boy for themselves. While Sony’s Japanese released console isn’t quite as fancy looking, the design is still eye-catching and certainly makes us want it even more. We can only hope to see this console released in the United States at some point, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for some good news from the developers!

What do you think of the new Kingdom Hearts PS4 console design? Will you be checking out your options on getting this console for yourself? Let us know in the comments below, and game on!

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