Destiny 2 Trials Of The Nine Event Reaches Lowest Player Count Ever

Destiny 2 has struggled in keeping loyal gamers near and dear to the franchise. Though it can be said that there are still plenty of people enjoying the game, hardcore players are having a hard time maintaining interest. From drop rate inequity, lack of end-game content, pay-to-win scenarios and many other critiques brought to light, Bungie is fighting to maintain relevance. Even the latest Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine event has reached an all-time low player count.

Unfortunately, the recurrent users on Destiny 2 is plummeting. This isn’t good for the future of the game or the franchise as Bungie heads into the third season, and makes way for another expansion. Between all three platforms (PC, PS4, and Xbox One), the featured total was marked as 77, 814 with PlayStation 4 being the highest with 46, 165 players. Following that is Xbox One with 24, 161 players and PC with 7, 488.

Destiny 2 Strike-Specific Loot

It has only been 5 months since the game debut, and the all-time low of recurrent users may become a trend for the future of this game and perhaps even its franchise. That is unless something drastic happens and happens soon. Taking into consideration how popular the Destiny 2 Trials of the Nine event was in the past, it’s likely a hard reality to accept for developers.

With that being said, Bungie is trying their best to win back gamers and developer content for a variety of players – casual and hardcore. Time will tell if their efforts are enough to bring back the numbers and the community the original game was remembered for.

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