Realistic Tactical Shooter “Ready Or Not” Reveals Official Gameplay Trailer (VIDEO)

VOID Interactive finally shows off an official gameplay trailer of their tactical shooter as an independent game studio from with high ambitions. Combining the realistic aspects of a real-time simulator and a tactical, first-person action title that puts players in the shoes of a police officer that’s part of a S.W.A.T. unit. Taking place in an eerily realistic facsimile of the United States, VOID Interactive marks their entry into the video game industry with Ready Or Not.

Despite Ready Or Not ‘s initial announcement last year, and a few updates between last year and now, the team at VOID Interactive reveals a substantial reel of dubbed gameplay this time. Check it out:

With Ready Or Not, VOID Interactive aims to explore what it’s like to be an officer in the elite special weapons and tactics unit, also known as S.W.A.T. Inspired by real-world events, the game is a blend of a first-person action and tactical strategy wrapped in a unique, detailed and twisted facsimile of a modern United States. Ready Or Not’s vision of America is downtrodden, cruel, and corrupt.

You’re given the difficult task of bringing some semblance of order to a city divided by crime across a single player story. Team up with friends to take down suspects in a cooperative mode, or battle a rogue movement in PVP.  You’re placed in the boots of an officer in the city’s S.W.A.T. A unit equipped with military hardware, tasked with protection, taking on high-risk situations, and bringing order to chaos.”

Ready Or Not Features

Realism First

VOID Interactive have consulted with police teams globally in order to create rules of engagement and a scoring system that are both challenging and realistic. In order to push the bar further with realism, Ready Or Not models ballistic penetration, ricochet, kevlar and plate dynamics, as well as projectile expansion and momentum.

Robust And Natural Controls

Explore a deep and involved weapon handling and player maneuvering system, feared towards providing officers with an unprecedented level of control over their situation effectiveness. Ready Or Not utilizes a simple and organic control scheme which won’t have players fumbling around, forgetting dozens of keybinds.

Planning System

Organize an approach and strategize through floor plans and mission briefs, then execute the mission in real time. Officers can decide to deploy with items such as ballistic shields, door rams, tactical ladders, and much more. S.W.A.T units can also choose to enlist personnel to assist with the situation, including sniper teams and negotiators.

Command Your Team

Team leaders will command a smartly–designed team of A.I. officers in single-player with either an on-screen command interface, or through speech with a robust and finely-tuned speech recognition system. This speech recognition system can also be used to yell for compliance at suspects and civilians.

Diverse Modes

Bring order to chaos online with friends through a tactical cooperative experience, lead a crack team of A.I. driven S.W.A.T members in a solo, story-rich campaign or battle a rogue organization in a fierce and competitive multiplayer environment.

Intelligent Customization

With access to over 60 unique items, players are given the tools to tackle any situation. The right combination of weapons optics, muzzle modifications, magazine types and foregrip variations gives an officer the edge in combat. Alternatively, load up with plates and heavy armor to prevent a quick end. At the expense of agility, officers can also personalize their unit with team-specific patches and uniforms.

Available for pre-order now, two different editions for Ready Or Not are available – Standard and Supporter. Aside from the full game and beta trial in 2020, the latter includes extended access that features alpha and beta gameplay, in-game gear, and a 25% discount on the game’s first post-launch expansion all for $119.99. The first one-thousand pre-orders will receive an official R.O.N. mousepad. For more on that, check out their website.

What do you think about VOID Interactive’s Ready Or Not? They certainly have the realism of a tactical shooter down pat. Let us know what you think in the comments section below or start a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers Facebook page. To stay up to date on gaming and entertainment news as it happens, follow us on Twitter! Here are some of our latest:

Ready Or Not is projected to release in the last quarter of 2020. Select supporters will be granted access to their Alpha in August 2019.

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