‘The Talos Principle’ Publisher Pokes Fun at Persona 5’s Streaming Rules

With the highly anticipated release of Persona 5 finally here, there was a lot of common surrounding the sought after title – and not all of it was about player enjoyment. The company behind the title was very clear in a statement to players that they would be taking extreme measures to any game streamers that posted spoilers to the Persona 5 narrative past a certain point. Those measures include taking down the streamer’s account, if the warnings were not heeded.

There were two opposing opinions regarding this move – those who thought it was a thoughtful way to keep the game experience for long-time fans as fresh as possible, and those that thought the rules for the title’s access were far too strict. Regardless of which side of the spectrum you yourself lean towards, the controversy definitely stirred up the JRPG community. One publisher, Devolver Digital (Hotline Miami) decided to make a joke out of the drama by taking a (playful) shot at Altus via their Twitter account:

“If you fail, verbally blame your poor skills and not the game” – OK, that’s a good one. The list is aimed towards the Persona team as the antithesis of everything outlined in Altus’ request. The Tweet is nowhere near as hilarious as some of the responses though, most of them tweeting that the spoof rules are actually pretty solid.

In the company’s defense, Altus has always had a more strict mindset when it comes to their games in relation to streamers. The internet is a powerful tool and streamers get info out on new titles fast, sometimes a little too fast. Regardless, it is safe to assume that most gamers prefer a spoiler-free experience – but is banning too far?

So, thoughts on the policy? Is banning too far? Or should that be a policy more developers consider with new releases? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!


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