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It’s official! PUBG map selection is confirmed and making its way onto the Steam’s version of the record-breaking battle royale game here soon! In addition to the developers confirming the new feature, one that players have been begging for ever since the second map was added, they also took a few moments to answer a few questions they’ve been getting about map selection and different regions.

“Map selection is something that players all over the world have continuously asked for,” began their latest update on Steam. “We take your feedback extremely seriously, but we also want to be thoughtful about how we implement changes to PUBG. And we knew that map selection posed a couple of problems we needed to seriously consider.”

The first problem: Would adding map selection cause serious increases in matchmaking times for the various servers and modes?

For us, this was the most troubling issue, and it required a lot of discussion and serious research. We analyzed tens of millions of matches and sorted the data by server, mode, and time to make sure map selection wouldn’t break the game for anyone. We wanted to make sure that we could create a solution that worked for every region’s players, even the ones with a naturally low server population.

The second problem: Players in different regions have different preferences and playstyles, so how could we make map selection work for all of them?

To solve this, we couldn’t just rely on one source of feedback (like Reddit). We gathered feedback from all around the world, and what we learned led us to scrap and rework our designs for map selection several times.
Ultimately, we created a version of map selection that we think is unlikely to cause issues for matchmaking. That said, we’ll still have to keep a close eye on it, since it could become problematic as new maps continue to be added.

The UI of this feature may be different when implemented in the actual game, but here’s the basic explanation of how it works:

– You can select the maps you want to play with a click.
– If you don’t want to play a map, simply unselect it.
– If you’ve selected more than one map, the game will randomly pick one for you each time you start a match.

The latest feature will be going live soon on test servers and then should be available for all by no later than next week. Now if we could only get them to region lock China …

What do you think about the PUBG map selection being added into the game? What other features would you like to see make the cut? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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