PS5 Hands-On Confirms Its Cooling Fans Run Silently After Extended Use

PS5 Hands-On Confirms Its Cooling Fans Run Silently After Extended Use

We’ve some exciting news for those that have had to put up with the PlayStation 4’s wind turbine-like fan noises for the past few years. While many of the details about the PS5 – such as its UI – still remain under wraps, a recent hands-on experience with Sony’s next-gen console has revealed that its cooling fans remain silent even after extended use, already setting the console apart from its predecessor.

The news comes by way of Japanese publications Dengeki and 4Gamer (as translated by VGC), both of whom offered praise for the distinct lack of obnoxious fan noises coming from the PS5. The folks over at 4Gamer reported this based on their time spent playing Godfall, one of the PS5’s launch tiles. “I started playing one of the launch titles, Godfall, and after some time passed, I checked [the temperature].,” 4Gamer wrote. “The breeze coming from the exhaust port was gentle and didn’t feel exceedingly hot.”

During this time, the studio itself was about 30 degrees Celsius. Based on the specifications of the SoC, it operates at around 55 to 60 degrees Celsius. While you may think, ‘isn’t the fan loud?’, it’s quite the opposite.”

On the Dengeki side of things, the publication referred to the PS5 as being “exceptionally quiet,” going so far as to say that “the quietness of the fans was more impressive than the loading time.” This is considerably impressive, especially given what we’ve seen of the PS5’s loading times thanks to earlier demos of Spider-Man running on the console. There’s certainly a lot to be excited for in regards to the PS5, and I’ll personally admit that I’d happily plunk down some money for a quieter console than what I currently have.

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