Prey Mooncrash Update Adds More Free Content

Prey’s first DLC, Mooncrash, may be the best DLC of the year. Bethesda and Arkane Studios hinted heavily at the update for months, and players were not disappointed. Mooncrash took the best of Prey and put a delightful spin on the action-horror title. Not only is the DLC good, but it’s also receiving a full dose of TLC from its creators. Less than two months later, Mooncrash has received its second free update called Blue Moon, adding more content to the game.

Blue Moon adds a bunch of skins that players can throw on their weapons, Operators, and pet Mimics. (Keeping a Mimic as a pet may sound like a terrible idea, but so do most character motivations in Prey.) My personal favorite is the Bucket Mimic, but the Wolfenstein and Elder Scrolls Operator Skins will be tough to choose between.

If this new content bundle excites you, you’re in for a treat. Bethesda content Anne Lewis promised that this is merely the beginning of their Mooncrash updates.

Prey: Mooncrash receives its second free update today. In each of these update bundles you’ll receive brand-new skins for your weapons, Operators and Mimics. And this isn’t the end of the freebies; even more Mooncrash updates are on the horizon. The next will be available in just a couple of weeks, and the much-anticipated Typhon Hunter multiplayer update comes later this summer.”

A commitment to DLC shows a commitment to the fanbase. This stands in stark contrast to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s “All or Nothing” DLC model. Given the infinite looping nature of Mooncrash, this should keep fans of Prey happy for a long time.

Which of the new skins are you most excited for? Do you still wish you could fly around the map freely? Let us know in the comments, and follow DFTG on Twitter for more gaming updates!

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