Pokémon GO Makes Playing From Home Easier Due To Coronavirus

Pokemon Go Changes

The state of the world right now hangs in the balance due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has already had a significant impact on the gaming industry, having caused big developers like Square Enix and Sony to avoid events like PAX East and even caused E3 2020 to be fully cancelled. Given the insular nature of video games, this has had little impact on most released titles. However, as Pokémon GO requires travel and social interaction to some extent, new changes have been implemented that make the game easier to play close to home in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Niantic has updated their official Pokémon GO website with the newest changes added to the game. This update came in tandem with the postponing and possible cancellation of this month’s planned Abra Community Day event, which was previously scheduled to take place on March 15th. Along with this event change, several new updates will also make the game easier to play from the safety of one’s own home, which will help the global effort to contain the Coronavirus.

Among these changes is a huge 99% discount on incense. For just one Pokécoin players can now purchase a 30 pack of incense, encouraging Pokémon to spawn in a place of their choosing (hopefully, one close to their domicile). Incense will also last longer, a full hour rather than the usual length of 30 minutes. Egg incubators, which required the player to walk long distances, now work twice as fast to reduce travel. Also, Pokéstops will give gifts more frequently and more Pokémon habitats will appear in the wild.

According to Niantic, each of these alterations are set to stay in place for the next 30 days, but could extend even longer “depending on global circumstances.” These are quite significant changes, but if they help curtail the spread of COVID-19, they are certainly welcome. When it comes to coronavirus, this is the one time you do not wanna catch ’em all.

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