Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan Responds to Anniversary Loot Box Concerns

Overwatch's Jeff Kaplan

There’s still quite a lot to learn about the community and its wants and needs and Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan has been diligent about addressing most issues that arise. To celebrate a year within the gaming industry and its introduction into the world, the Overwatch team hosted the anniversary event. Unfortunately, quite a few players aren’t too happy about the price of the loot. According to a Reddit discussion, over 50,000 credits are needed to get all 108 pieces released for this occasion. There are 11 legendary skins, 24 dance emotes, 48 voice lines, and 25 sprays. In comparison to previous events Overwatch has held, the rise in price is more than conspicuous.

For example, the most recent celebration was the Uprising event that has 95 items and sums up to 36,825 credits. The Year of the Rooster was 37,050 for 99 pieces, Winder Wonderland was 33,075 for 94, Halloween Terror cost 31,500 for 94, and so on. It can be argued that players don’t need to buy all of these items in order to enjoy the game and that’s completely true. However, some people view these as collectibles and achievements in Overwatch. Furthermore, it doesn’t quite make sense to increase the prices of items that far ahead from the previous events. Tack that on top of the random number gods being in one’s favor or not, it can be frustrating when the cosmetic item you want cannot be achieved in time before the event comes to a close.

In light of the critique regarding the anniversary celebration, Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan responds via the OW forums:

I just wanted to acknowledge that we’ve been following the threads about the loot box rewards as they pertain to the anniversary events, other events and loot boxes in general. The feedback and suggestions have been helpful to us. We had a really great discussion yesterday about the feedback we’ve been hearing this week. While I don’t have any immediate action items to report, I thought it was important for you to know that we are listening.”

While no immediate actions have been planned, it is simple messages like these which maintain the hope that developers listen and take into account the feedback from the community. What do you think of Overwatch’s Jeff Kaplan’s response? Is it possible that the team at Overwatch made a bit of a misstep? What do you think should be done? Feel free to leave any thoughts or comments in the section below or begin a conversation on Don’t Feed the Gamers official Facebook and Twitter! For more awesome gaming and related news, check out the articles below:

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