Nintendo Enjoys Leap in Stock Value with the Announcement of Monster Hunter XX for the Switch

Monster Hunter XX

Nintendo can be a strange animal sometimes, and their investors can often decide how the course of a console’s future and fate may be driven. With its incredible popularity in Japan, it is no surprise that Monster Hunter XX would send the company’s market value up. What is striking is that the leap took the company to a high it hadn’t experienced since 2008.

The announcement that Capcom would be bringing Monster Hunter XX to the Switch is definitely exciting news. Especially considering that the company is having trouble porting some of its games. When the news broke, the share price of Nintendo’s stock rose 5.48%, continuing the upward trend Nintendo has been enjoying the last few weeks. It’s certainly no surprise, however, as it seems people have been loving the Switch since its debut. Plus, Monster Hunter is always sure to please gamers.

Monster Hunter XX

The stock price is now at 33,510 Yen (301.27 USD) and the rise reflects the popularity of the game and the likelihood that a familiar title to Nintendo is making its way home to the Switch. Monster Hunter XX is a version of Generations, which came out in 2015, that has been expanded upon. This version will have new monsters, quests, weapons, and so much more for players to sink their teeth into.

Monster Hunter XX has already been released for the 3DS as a Japan exclusive, however, the Switch title may have an expanded availability. While Capcom hasn’t said anything for sure, it has in the past released western versions of Monster Hunter titles. A good example being Monster Hunter Stories, an offshoot role-playing game expected sometime this year.

Monster Hunter XX

It hasn’t been announced yet if players will be able to transfer data from the 3DS Monster Hunter XX to the Switch. Capcom has made this possible with past games between the 3DS and the Wii U with an app in the eShop, so anything is possible. More news will be available during the Monster Hunter Championship event, so stay tuned!

What about Monster Hunter created such a jump in stock value? Are you excited that the game is coming to the Switch? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below! As always, don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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