Gunman at Phoenix Comicon Allegedly Intended on Targeting Jason David Frank (VIDEO)

Jason David Frank

On Thursday, a man armed with several loaded guns and a knife entered the Phoenix Comicon with the intent to hurt and/or kill several people. After posting disturbing images and status updates on Facebook, Phoenix Police Department responded and luckily arrested the man before anyone got hurt. The intended shooter had an agenda to kill “Aphrodite Officers” as well as actor Jason David Frank, the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

According to police, he entered the Phoenix Comicon with several handguns, a shotgun, pepper spray, a hunting knife, and throwing stars. He was also wearing body armor underneath his clothing. He told police that he was the Punisher from the Marvel Comics, and that he believed that “there are police officers that have kind faces in uniform, but they can be bad officers known as Aphrodite Officers.” This man was prepared to use violence to kill any of these “bad” officers. When questioned about his weapons, the would-be shooter said that they were for “self defense in case officers gave him trouble and that he would shoot to kill.”

Phoenix Comicon Gunman

His focus was not just on police officers. According to police, the gunman had intentions on killing Jason David Frank, the actor best known for his role on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Frank is known to attend several conventions regularly. He then told officers that he had stabbed Frank 15 years ago and wanted to “finish the job.” During his first court appearance, prosecutor Ed Leiter claimed that the defendant had set a calendar reminder in his phone for May 25th that read, “Kill JDF comicon.” Leiter stated:

“He exhibited a dramatic threat to the community beyond police officers, beyond Jason David Frank. A number of other people were referenced as possible targets or people he wanted to kill.”

JDF addressed the situation and spoke to the press shortly after the incident:

Mathew Sterling, the would be shooter’s, actions led the Phoenix Comicon organizers to understandably tighten security, and quickly changed their policy on prop weapons for those attending the convention in costume:

“All costume props are no longer allowed, including foam and cardboard props, shields and sabers. Purchased props will be wrapped by the vendors and must remain so while they are on-site. We encourage you to take your purchases to your car or hotel as soon as possible after purchase.

We understand these are last minute changes as a result of recent events.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all our patrons and we look forward to a great event.”

We here at Don’t Feed the Gamers are grateful that nobody was injured during the incident in Phoenix. With convention season in full force, we’d like to remind you to report any suspicious activity to event staff or the police as soon as possible to avoid any incident. Stay safe, but have fun! For 24/7 coverage of the hottest news in gaming and entertainment, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter.

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