Overwatch Players Banned By The Hundreds For “Negative Player Behavior”

Overwatch Players Banned

Overwatch players getting the boot is pretty standard these days, because Blizzard doesn’t mess around when it comes to making an enjoyable environment for their game. Usually the Overwatch players banned are doing things like cheating or purposely throwing matches, but that wasn’t enough for Blizzard. They decided to go the extra mile and start banning trolls.

Blizzard confirmed in the Overwatch forums that it has officially banned hundreds of players from China for unacceptable behavior in game. The translated post explains that the Overwatch players banned were displaying “negative player behavior” that includes “repeated temporary absence, no participation in the game, [and] malicious hang up”. All of these things affect the “normal player’s gaming experience”.

overwatch players banned

According to Blizzard, this behavior is more than just annoying, it actually violates the Overwatch code of conduct. They believe this kind of trolling has a “tremendous negative impact” on other players’ experiences and they will definitely make people think twice before acting this way in the future. That is exactly why Blizzard actually lists all of the Overwatch players banned by their names on the post to make sure no one else will want to feel that same shame.

Blizzard encourages fans to report players who do these things, because they are “committed to [providing] a fair and friendly game environment for the players” and they promise that “all the whistle-blowing information will have someone to follow-up verification”, meaning they will take it seriously. Let us also not forget that Blizzard has now implemented a permanent ban system, so I wouldn’t mess with them if I were you!

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