Destiny 2’s Forsaken Expansion Receives A New Cinematic Trailer At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Now we were already told Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion pack would be coming out on September 4th of this year, but we got a little bit more today since that reveal three days ago. During the Sony PlayStation Experience presentation, fans received a cinematic trailer from this new expansion. Unfortunately, Cayde 6 appears to be in a bit of a pickle. Check it out below:

The trailer didn’t really divulge any more information other than the story, featuring some of the new Fallen Baron enemies of the new expansion.  The reveal also divulged many details regarding new areas, including the return of The Reef from the original Destiny. Players will hunt down the eight Fallen Barons in boss fights that can be found around the new Patrol space, but we’re told that there will be some variety included such as a sniper-vs-sniper fight and beating a Baron using only melee attacks.

Apart from that, Bungie also detailed changes to the configuration of weapons players can carry, such as carrying three assault rifles or two shotguns and a pistol. Each of the 9 sub-classes will be getting a new super ability, new weapons, and armor. Of note in the new weapons category, however, is the addition of the bow and arrow. These come in short, medium, and long varieties to accommodate different playstyles and are able to be charged up for more damage. The inclusion of this weapon will probably demand pinpoint accuracy from players using it and could make for some very interesting PvP matches.

Speaking of which it was also revealed that Gambit, a new mode combining PvP and PvE elements, would be included. Two teams of four players are placed in their own separate arenas tasked to gun down AI enemies. Each team must capture and bank motes within their arena. By banking motes, you can send a blocker to your opponent’s arena. Once you bank enough motes, your team can defeat a boss AI to win the match.

This unique game mode sounds pretty unusual for a major game like Destiny 2, but I am very curious to see if this game mode can cut out its own niche in the community. Be sure to follow us on Twitter for all your E3 coverage!


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