Fallout 76 Players Permanently Banned For Homophobic Attack

Though online gaming has a way to bring people together, given the opportunity human beings can act particularly ugly to one another. Someone can simply be having fun and for…

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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Developers Express “No Regrets” Over Bans

If you’ve played an online game, you’ve likely encountered some form of hacking, and Rainbow Six Siege has not been immune from players who take advantage of bugs or otherwise…

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Saudi Arabia Ban List

Previous Reports Citing 47 Games Banned in Saudi Arabia Due to Suicide Have Been Debunked

Earlier this week, The Hollywood Reporter reported a list of 47 video games that were allegedly banned in Saudi Arabia in response to suicides being committed by children who played a…

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Fortnite Ban Proposed By One School For Its Students, Here’s Why

With the beginning of Season 5 just hours away, Fortnite fans from around the world are gearing up to see exactly what Epic Games has been teasing for the past…

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rainbow six siege ban

Rainbow Six Siege Ban Restructure Targets Player Toxicity

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege ban system is getting reworked to focus on problems with toxicity in play. The issues of cheating and hate speech have been the focus of many…

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Overwatch Players Banned

Overwatch Players Banned By The Hundreds For “Negative Player Behavior”

Overwatch players getting the boot is pretty standard these days, because Blizzard doesn’t mess around when it comes to making an enjoyable environment for their game. Usually the Overwatch players…

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Ban on Steam Lifted in Malaysia After Removal of a Game That Lets Buddha Fight Jesus

In case you missed it, about 2 days ago the government of Malaysia announced a total ban on Steam after a controversial title was added on 9/4/2017. However, as of today,…

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Outlast 2 No Longer Banned In Australia After Consideration By The Australian Classification Board

You know those jokes people make about everything being scary and trying to kill you in Australia? Well apparently, with the game’s upcoming launch, Outlast 2 was officially banned from…

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China Bans Unapproved Indie Games from Streaming

A new regulation has passed in China, putting a major kebash on the gaming industry for everyone involved. Just two days ago, The Ministry of Culture posted a new law,…

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Complete List of Banned Twitch Games and No, Genital Jousting is Not Allowed

You heard that right, gamers. Genital Jousting is not allowed for streaming, according to a list of banned Twitch games. Not all of them are rated “Adult Only”, by the…

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