New Overwatch Animated Short and Map Announcement Coming Next Week – Junkertown?


Plus, we think we know what the new map is …

Gamescom is almost upon us and with it, a lot of exciting announcements are on the horizon. Gaming powerhouse Blizzard will be making their rounds and they want to make a big splash at this year’s event. Fans of their wildly popular FPS title Overwatch have a new animated short as well as a new map announcement to look forward to!

According to reports, a preview of the new map will be revealed on August 21st, with a brand new Overwatch animated short coming at fans via a livestream event at the Blizzard Reveal Ceremony on August 23rd.

Though there are no known specifics at this time, there are a few theories on what the new map could be courtesy of some players that are very quick to pick up on new voice line hints. Thanks to a recent datamine, a new map called “Junkertown” could very well be the next update fans can look forward to. The voiceline in question comes from the FPS’ AI Athena, take a listen:

Junkertown is set in central Australia and is home to the “Junkers”. Explosives expert Junkrat and the one-man apocalypse Roadhog both hail from the Junker gang, making this their home turf. With characters such as Sombra, Soldier, Widow, and more having had their spotlight, these two fan favourites finally getting a little attention themselves is refreshing – especially with the excitement already high with the return of the Summer Games Event and Lucioball!

Gamescom officially kicks off their celebration in Cologne, Germany from August 22 – 26th. Are you excited to see more of this iconic duo? Kaplan has already promised a busy year for Overwatch players, which other hero would you like to see get some more lime light? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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