Overwatch Teases Legendary Junkrat Krampus Skin

Overwatch Junkrat Krampus

Overwatch kicks off Winter Wonderland 2018 December 11, and players eagerly awaited reveals of new legendary skins. They released a number of new looks this weekend, but they may have saved the best for last. Tomorrow, Junkrat will receive a Legendary Krampus skin.

On the official Overwatch Twitter, Blizzard dropped a 20 second teaser for the new skin. This comes as a bit of a surprise following a t-shirt leak at BlizzCon 2018. We’d fully expected Junkrat to receive a Mouse King skin this year, but that look may have been shelved or postponed. Either way, Blizzard made a solid choice with the Krampus look. Santa’s evil counterpart fits Junkrat’s personality like a glove.

This marks the fourth skin reveal in the past four days. Over the weekend, Blizzard revealed Biathlon Widowmaker, Figure Skater Symmetra (both Legendary) and Gift Wrap Bastion (Epic). Check out all three teasers below.

Blizzard has paid close attention to the community’s feedback on skins in the past. Last year, Hanzo’s Casual skin received tweaks after fans requested some alterations. Listening to your player base is an excellent way to maintain strong content and establish customer loyalty. Kudos to Blizzard to not simply forging their own path with Overwatch content.

Overwatch is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Winter Wonderland 2018 arrived December 11 and runs through January 2, 2019. Here’s Blizzard’s breakdown of last year’s popular seasonal event.

Overwatch is getting into the holiday spirit again for the next three weeks! Expand your collection of seasonal-themed items, and enjoy two winter brawls.

“This year, we’re celebrating with a new brawl: Yeti Hunter, as well as bringing back Mei’s Snowball Offensive. We’ve decked the halls of Black Forest, King’s Row, and Hanamura. But we know what you really want: presents! Unlock over 50 new seasonal items—including legendary skins like Snow Owl Ana, Rime Sombra, Beachrat Junkrat, and Ice Fisherman Roadhog—alongside winter gear from last year at reduced credit costs.”

What do you think of the Krampus skin? Which new Overwatch skin are you most looking forward to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. For more gaming news and updates, be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

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