Overwatch 2 Release Window Possibly Leaked By Sony

Overwatch 2 Release window

With the dawn of the new year arrived, gamers around the world are looking to the future releases that the industry will offer. While many big titles have been confirmed for a 2020 release, perhaps one of the most anticipated titles is one that does not have a set release date yet, Overwatch 2. The sequel’s surprise announcement shocked many at last year’s BlizzCon event, and many have speculated what new content the game will bring. While the game’s launch time remains unannounced, it seems that Sony might have accidentally divulged the Overwatch 2 release window before Blizzard Entertainment did.

As recently reported on Prima Games, a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account for Brazil may have mistakenly leaked the Overwatch 2 release window. The tweet, which has been deleted, mentions that Overwatch 2 would be launching in October of this year. The tweet also contained a link that would have led to more information, but alas, with the tweet deleted, it is gone.

The Overwatch team had previously suggested that a 2020 release would likely not happen for the new game, and while October is still late in the year, it does still fall in 2020. There was a playable version of Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon, so it could be possibly that enough development has been completed that would make an October launch a possibility. Still, whether or not this Overwatch 2 release window turns out to be true, Overwatch fans can still hold onto hope that this big payload is well on the way.

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