Overwatch 2 Developers Discuss The Sequel’s Story

Overwatch 2 Legacy Content Was A Hard Sell, Says Director

With the knowledge of Overwatch 2’s existence being public, fans are excited to see where the upcoming sequel will take our favorite heroes. Of course, as has already been seen, Blizzard is thinking outside of the box when it comes to sequels, and a recent interview has provided a bit of insight into what sort of story we can expect from the next Overwatch.

During a recent interview with PlayStation.Blog, Blizzard’s Aaron Keller and Michael Chu sat down to discuss many topics revolving around Overwatch 2, including a bit more about what players can expect from the story. “There are two things that immediately come to mind,” Chu said when asked what they can talk about that wasn’t seen in trailers. “With story missions, we’ll have a more traditional way to tell a story in the Overwatch universe: a complete story with beginning, middle, and end. In addition, we’ve finally moved the story forward after Winston’s recall, and we hope to continue to push events into the future in the stories to come.”

Keller went on to say how they will be able to tell more of the tale on the tech side of things in the sequel. “The maps are almost 2X larger than regular Overwatch maps. They’ve also got way more advanced technology to show dynamic weather, lightning, explosions, and more. We like to say that our maps are almost another character in helping with Overwatch 2 storytelling. Each Story Mission will come with an intro cinematic and outro cinematic as well. We’ve partnered with our teammates in the Story and Franchise team to help build out many cinematics for story missions, which we think will be a major treat for our players.”

Overwatch 2 is currently in development but has no release date as of yet. Keep it tuned to Don’t Feed the Gamers as this story develops, and for other gaming goodness going on right now, check out the following:

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