Nintendo Talks Super Mario Run’s Hidden Characters

Super Mario characters

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto reveals that players of Super Mario Run will be able to unlock other characters in the greatly anticipated mobile game.

Super Mario characters
Nintendo’s first Mario-centric mobile game, Super Mario Run, will be available on iOS devices later next week, and the creator of the adventurous plumber, Shigeru Miyamoto, revealed more information about the game in an interview with Time. Miyamoto explained that while the game would initially have Mario as its sole runner, Other characters could be unlocked through regular progression.

“One thing we have done this time is that you’ll be able to play not just as Mario, but after going through the game and unlocking some things and meeting some conditions, you’ll be able to play as some of the other characters as well”

Miyamoto added that each character would have their own unique play style as to not make playing the game repetitive.

“It’s less on having those characters to achieve or accomplish specific tasks, and more of giving players a tool to unlock more of their gameplay creativity”, He said. “Even if you’re trying to collect the same group of colored coins, doing so with a different character will require you to do it in a different way. So that can be fun for the players to explore.”

Miyamoto did not elaborate on which Mario characters would be included, but it would be fair to assume Luigi, Princess Peach, and Bowser are heavy contenders for the roster. Just the thought of playing as the king of the Koopas rampaging through the Mushroom Kingdom puts a smile on my face.

Super Bowser Run Characters
Yes, I threw this image together just for this article. What of it?


Super Mario Run will be free to download from app stores, but will cost $10 to access the full game. It’s currently unclear what kind of content is being held back in the free version.

When asked about the mobile game’s reduced number of power-ups compared to an average Mario game, Miyamoto said:

“I think with this being our first Super Mario game on iPhone, we’ve designed this both in what’s the best experience but also with a long road ahead of us in terms of what else we can do on iPhone,” he said. “So perhaps you can look forward to some of that at some point in the future.”

Super Mario Run will release on Apple iOS on December 15, 2016. The Android version will follow sometime in 2017. No word yet on a Windows Phone version.

Are you going to buy Super Mario Run when it comes out? Do you prefer playing Nintendo games on mobile devices or are consoles the only way to go? Will the Windows Phone ever get the love it deserves?

Leave your answers in the comments below and run over to these other Nintendo-related articles!

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