From the Makers of the Harry Potter Make-Up Brushes: New Wizard Wand Brush Set Coming Soon

For all the gamers out there who love make-up, and are perhaps fans of the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter, you may want to check these make-up brushes out. Storybook Cosmetics, the same beauty brand that brought to the public Harry Potter themed makeup brushes earlier this year, is coming out with a new set of wands in 2017. If you’re curious to see what the Harry Potter ones look like, take a gander below. Unfortunately, pre-orders for these batches have sold out already. It’s okay though! They’re working on restocking them as soon as possible. In fact, they even shipped these ahead of schedule so make-up lovers and novelty item collectors could get their hands on them as soon as possible.

If it says anything about their work ethic, the brushes were not supposed to ship until today (December 10th, 2016). By the fans, for the fans.

The demand is high. With all the hype for this set, can you believe they’re already coming out with another for next year? That’s not all though. Storybook Cosmetics have been on a roll. They have created eye shadow palettes inspired by fairy tales many of us know and love – Harry Potter, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, and Romeo and Juliet. And guess what? They come in a case shaped like a book. Don’t even get me started on the pigment density for their eye shadow colors. Not only are the shades for the Wizardry and Witchcraft palette beautiful, but they were definitely well thought out. According to Storybook Cosmetics, they wanted to create a palette that would truly remind fans of the Harry Potter universe. They took into account as much feedback as possible throughout the planning and creation process.

Other than that post, there isn’t more information what or whose wands they will be inspired by – if at all. Will there be one inspired by the recently debuted Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them? They may have time to sneak a couple designs in, that’s for sure! Take a look at the gallery to see the early stage designs for the new line!

So, what do you think, gamers? Did you pre-order the Harry Potter makeup brushes? If you have already received them, what do you think? And what about the pigment for those eye shadow colors?! Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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