Nintendo Switch Usernames Can Now Be Claimed

Nintendo Switch Usernames

Every inch and inch that these final weeks leading up to the Nintendo Switch launch is certainly torturing and teasing Nintendo fans with pieces of the new console experience. We have seen leaked footage of what the first moments of activating a Switch console and perusing its various menus will feel like and Nintendo’s various preview events have been giving players a taste of the full versions of the console’s launch games. Now, future Switch owners can also take care of one startup task ahead of the Switch’s release, as My Nintendo users can now reserve their Nintendo Switch usernames.

The User Info section of anyone’s My Nintendo Account profile now has an area where a User ID for the Switch can now be claimed well before the system’s launch. Below the user’s listed email address, a section called User ID can now be seen and edited to reserve a username. Upon clicking it, you may be required to update your account with a new password, if you have not updated your password or logged into your account for a while. After that, the username entry screen will be available.

It should be noted that your Nintendo Account nickname and your Switch ID, which is essentially a new version of the 3DS and Wii U’s NNID, are separate identities, so you may choose a Switch ID that is different from your Nintendo Account nickname. What do you guys think? Are you glad to be able to reserve Nintendo Switch usernames ahead of the console’s release? What other Switch setup items would you like to accomplish before receiving the console? Let us know in the comments below!

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