Nintendo Switch Rainway App Lets You Play PC Games on the Portable Console

Nintendo Switch Rainway

It is well known that the portability of the Nintendo Switch is the biggest selling point for the device itself, overlooking the obvious factor of software. For many gamers, this will likely be the portable device that has closest matched the modern home gaming experience. However, given the nature of publishing on a Nintendo platform, a lot of games that players would love to play on a device that they now own that can run the more advanced games out there will still not be able to. That could possibly change for some Switch owners now with the release of the Nintendo Switch Rainway app.

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The developer of the Rainway app, CodeUSASoft,  has confirmed via Reddit that the new application will indeed be released for the Nintendo Switch, as well as Android, iOS and Xbox One. The application has been created to allow for any device which can run DirectX 11 to stream PC games. While it is not yet known what sort of process a PC owner would have to utilize to stream games onto a Switch or any compatible device, the developer has promised a “pain-free” configuration process. The developer also intends to allow for streaming from platforms other than a PC, such as PlayStation Now. This would be interesting as it would make the Switch a potential universal platform.


The developer has stated that the application will be available through the eShop, but there has been no such confirmation from Nintendo or any other source. The Reddit threat also mentions that the application will be free, which likely means the developer will receive financial support through ad space on the app or the kindness of Nintendo fans wanting to play games like Overwatch or The Witcher 3 on the Switch. What do you guys think about the Nintendo Switch Rainway app? What PC games would you like to play on the Switch. Let us know in the comments below!

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