Here’s a Video Breakdown of the ‘Nintendo PlayStation’ Prototype That is Now 100% Functional (VIDEO)

Ah, modding. It’s both intricate, complicated, and oh so amazing. Between modding favourite characters into different games, to modifying entire consoles – the gaming community is nothing if not creative. A new hybrid console is added to that long list of modifications is now up and running courtesy of well-known modder Ben Heckendorn – his latest creation bringing the Nintendo and Sony line together for the Nintendo PlayStation hybrid that was thought lost in the 90s forever.

When the idea of this console was dropped decades ago resulting from the split between Sony and PlayStation, the illusive hybrid was thought to be another idea lost in the chronicles of time. Then in 2015, a prototype was discovered by the Reddit user ‘Dnldbld’, and everything changed.  It wasn’t long after that the community began to wonder “what if”, and one made out to see for himself.

The Nintendo PlayStation was essentially the SNES but with CD-ROM capabilities and first made its debut during the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) back in ’91. Nintendo then left the project to partner up with Philips (Yay, Zelda!) and the Nintendo PlayStation was left in the dust. There were over 200 units of this prototype and they were all thought to be destroyed until one was randomly discovered. Other than the CD-ROM drive being non-functional, everything else about the system seemed to be fully operational. And now, thanks to Heckendorn, that final piece to this prototype has been fixed and the console is 100% fully functional.

The video above highlights the process of getting this machine to 100% functionality while showing off his own games to play on the system. Makes sense, given that there are no working titles for this, seeing as it never made it past prototype phase. With the use of emulation, Heckendorn now has a fully functional (and one of a kind) system that he can game on. The video itself is incredibly interesting, check it out!

What do you think about the prototype? Would you have liked to see a Nintendo PlayStation hybrid see fruition? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below, and don’t foget to follow DFTG on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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