Nintendo Stock Plummets After Underwhelming E3 Presentation

June has been a rough month for Nintendo. With E3 practically spoiled well before the presentation, and a dramatic drop in stock just after the leak, a lot was riding on Nintendo blowing the doors off their showcase. With the numbers in, it appears investors were not impressed with what the company had to offer.

E3 is regarded as a big opportunity for companies to raise their stocks and witness a rise during and after the exposition. Shares for Nintendo (NTDOY) have reached considerable lows, however, reaching a 16% drop so far. Compared to EA and Blizzard, both rising over 12%, it is an incredible contrast.


With the Nintendo Showcase having wrapped up early this week, investors have decided that the gaming company lacked any incredible news for the expo. Of course, the leak hurt them, but one must consider that maybe their reveals weren’t enough to pique the interest of fans or investors. With a general lack of information on many of their anticipated titles, it’s no wonder many have lost confidence.

One of the issues is that Nintendo offered no surprises at E3. Details had already been dropped about Pokemon Let’s Go and Fortnite, with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate being the most exciting title in the reveal. If those two titles are intended to carry the console through the rest of the year, investors aren’t buying it.


While stock for Nintendo in the last three years has more than doubled, this marks a sudden reluctance for Bowser to dive back into his pool of Super Mario Coins. There is a silver lining though, with Nintendo stock rising a bit at the close of the market all hope may not be lost for the company. In the end they have always found a way to climb out of their dives, however, one as significant as this leaves those rooting for the E3 underdog on the edge of their seats.

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