Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Comments On Whether The Trilogy Ends Sora’s Story

Kingdom Hearts 3 Director

There was no shortage of Kingdom Hearts 3 at this year’s E3 event with the sequel being featured in three separate press conferences and a significant amount of gameplay shown off to fans. With this new game concluding the trilogy, many have wondered if this game will mark the conclusion of Sora, the protagonist of all three titles. Now, the series creator and Kingdom Hearts 3 director, Tetsuya Nomura, has commented on whether the spiky-haired hero’s journey ends with the upcoming game.

Nomura recently spoke with IGN at E3 about Kingdom Hearts 3. When asked about Kingdom Hearts 3 being the definitive end of Sora’s story, Nomura responded with a somewhat open-ended remark, so as not to spoil the plot and ending of KH3, saying: “I do consider Kingdom Hearts to be Sora’s story, but if I go into any more details, I think I’ll be spoiling the game for everyone, so I just want to leave it at that.”

Nomura did state in the past that Kingdom Hearts 3 would resolve the “Xehanort saga” that the main plot through-line of the games in the series have revolved around so far. He also advises fans to be wary of the new story. “There are going to be a lot of shocking scenes, especially toward the end of the game,” he mentioned. “So I think you would definitely need to brace yourselves for them.”

Fans can expect to see a resolution of the main relationships seen since the original game, namely the bonds shared between Sora, Riku and Kairi that reflect friendships many experience in real life. As Nomura puts it:

For example, I’m sure you had friends when you were young, a good group of friends, but as you grow older things change and it doesn’t always stay the same. I think all I can say is please play to the very end and see what happens. But I think [Kingdom Hearts 3] does depict how each character feels about each other in this new storyline.”

It certainly seems like the beloved characters of this franchise may have some kingdom-shattering events ahead of them in the new game. Hopefully, whatever the future holds for the Kingdom Hearts series afterwards will still leave us feeling Simple and Clean.

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