New Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars Trailer Previews New Season of Animated Series (VIDEO)

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still going strong and has a bright future ahead of it, Disney’s other sectors of the Marvel multimedia machine is still kicking elsewhere. Their live action television Marvel shows are continuing their popular storylines. Now it looks like Disney is continuing their Avengers Assemble animated series on Disney XD, but with a bit of a shift for this next season. A new Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars trailer has arrived, giving a preview of the upcoming fourth season for the animated show, and its storyline might even reflect the future of the MCU. Check it out below:

This new trailer has been uploaded to the Disney XD YouTube channel, showing where the plot is headed. This one shows the villainous Leader teleporting the main roster of Avengers (Captain America, Thor, Hulk, etc.) to separate locations across time and space, leaving Black Panther alone to fight Leader and his Cabal (including Dr. Zola, Enchantress, Executioner and Kang the Conqueror). At some point, Black Panther will recruit the other supporting Avengers including Vision, Ant-Man, The Wasp, Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel to battle the Cabal and figure out where the other Avengers were sent to.

It is interesting to see the series take this much of a focus shift, but considering that this new roster of Avengers as the focus matches the heroes that the MCU seems to be highlighting lately, it very well might be a primer for the future of the MCU. This Secret Wars 26-episode season will premiere with a one hour special event tonight on June 17th, 2017 on Disney XD (check your local listings for times). What do you guys think about this Marvel’s Avengers: Secret Wars trailer? Let us know in the comments below!

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