New Vampyr Trailer Gets Messy With Moral Quandaries (Video)

Vampyr Story Trailer

The upcoming title from Dontnod, makers of Life is Strange, is definitely causing the gaming community to talk. The new game is called Vampyr and it will attempt to embrace the concept of player choice while transitioning away from the interactive novel genre and more into the realm of action and role-playing games.

Vampyr will be set in London in the late 19th century and follows the anti-hero, Jonathan Reid, as he struggles with his obligation as a doctor in the plague-addled city, while still appeasing his newfound bloodlust. Dontnod has not been secretive about the themes of the game, giving out tons of information on how the game will feature morality-centric elements that punish or reward the player for decisions that they make. Additionally, a rather long gameplay trailer was released showing what we might be in for in terms of combat mechanics.

Vampyr Combat

Despite being given a very in-depth look at the way Reid will dispatch his foes, interested gamers wanted to see more relating to the story and wondered how drastically the decisions made by the player would effect the narrative. Luckily, Dontnod has heard their pleas and has graced us with a story trailer titled Vampyr: The Darkness Within.

This may or may not be the deciding factor for many on whether or not the game is worth a purchase, but despite being largely cinematic, the new trailer certainly points to some of the more story driven elements of the upcoming Vampyr, as well as further fleshing out the concept of moral choice. Don’t worry about pulling out your wallet just yet, as the projected 2017 release date should still give you ample time to decide whether or not Vampyr is something you’d like to purchase.

What do you think of the latest look at Vampyr? Will the game be on your wishlist for 2017? Do you have any concerns about the gameplay or story elements? Sound off in the comment section and don’t forget to bookmark DFTG for quick access to the latest in gaming news!

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