Fan Made Music Video Goes Into the Mind of Life is Strange’s Nathan Prescott [VIDEO]

This video is very strange, but perfectly sums up the internal struggle that lives in Nathan Prescott. His character was in the game Life is Strange which is about a teenage girl named Max who finds out that she can rewind time and after having a vision of her town being destroyed by a storm, tries to change the future with her gift. Nathan Prescott is one of the main villains of the story. His family owns most of the town and he is a mentally ill drug dealer who is very violent.

Nathan Prescott

In this video posted to TheRavenSquad‘s YouTube shows flashes of things like animal skulls, pills, and his camera. It starts with Nathan’s whiteboard from his door that says Prescotts rule this town. Next comes images of things sprawled out like cigarettes, animal skulls, a spilled pill bottle, and his cellphone. We see Nathan Prescott standing in front of a projector that is playing videos of whales over his face while he apparently listens to the whale songs on his MP3 player in his dorm room. The guy playing him even put the scratches on his face where Max had clawed him in the parking lot. There’s images of Nathan doing things like kneeling down in nature taking a photo, staring into his eyes in the mirror, and looking at an animal skull. They even went so far as to keep flashing a Rottweiler, because of Frank’s code name for him, Rott. It starts showing him unraveling with images of him walking down the beach and smashing a bottle obviously upset and his hands shaking and bloody with a cigarette. The video ends with Nathan Prescott Laying in the leaves, tied up, mouth taped, surrounded by police tape, a gunshot wound to the temple and his phone lit up with the name Max. Here is the disturbingly beautiful video:

What did you guys think of it? Did they do a good job? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and check back with DFTG for all your gaming news! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter! Have you heard about Vampyr from the same minds that brought you Life is Strange? Check it out here!

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