NES Classic Edition Comes with 30 Pre-Installed Classics!

Oh, yes. You heard that right. On November 11th, 2016 (in just 4 days), players can get their hands on the Nintendo Entertainment System Classic Edition, plus 30 pre-installed games for $59.99 manufacturer’s suggested retail price. The Classic Edition comes with a controller, AC adapter and HDMI cable. Believe it or not, the NES Classic Edition is HDMI ready.

According to Nintendo, the controller can be connected to the Wii or Wii U controller to utilize the NES Virtual Console games, which is a nice bonus for those of whom have purchased retro titles on their Wii consoles.

Is there a catch, you may ask? Perhaps. It entirely depends on who you ask. The Nintendo Entertainment System to release this Friday is significantly smaller than the original one. The dimensions of the console are 6.5 inches (H) x 8.9 inches (W) x 2.90 inches (D), and it weighs in at less than 2 pounds.

NES Classic Edition vs Original NES CNET

The cable which connects the controller to the system is significantly shorter – measuring just under 3 feet. However, the cord issue can be resolved with a longer HDMI, if you don’t want to sit excessively close to the TV. Unless Nintendo decides to modify the controllers, you may have to deal with getting a little intimate with the NES Classic Edition. Lastly, playable games are limited to the 30 games that come pre-installed. Unfortunately for some, you cannot add anymore to the console itself.

Furthermore, to purchase additional controllers, they are suggested to retail at $9.99 a piece. Seeing as only one controller is included in the package.

The games that come with the NES Classic Edition include, and is limited to:

Seeing as the holidays are around the corner, this may not be a bad idea as a gift. What do you guys think? Is it worth it for the above titles, or are you going to stick with the original to play your pick of gaming goodness. Sound off with your thoughts below.

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