Nintendo Thwarts Rumors of Wii U Production End

A few days ago the internet was abuzz with rumors that the Wii U would end production this week. Multiple sources seemed to confirm this and with the Switch coming in February, it seemed like a legitimate claim.


Japanese publication It Media reported today that these claims are unfounded. Comments from a Nintendo spokesperson state that she did not know what was in the (referenced Eurogamer) article, and that the claims were not true. Fans can expect production of the Wii U to continue according to the source.

The home use console was released in 2012, and only sold 13.36 million units by the end of September 2016. Compared to other consoles, including the Wii with 101 million units sold, this didn’t do well by industry standards. With the Switch stealing the spotlight, sales of the Wii U may yet plummet further.


Regardless of how well it did, or didn’t do, titles are still expected to be released for the Wii U into 2017, including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


With the ever growing hype of the Nintendo Switch, it makes sense that the company will end production sooner, rather than later. However, for now, it seems they are not ready to let go of the console.

What are your thoughts gamers? As we’ve previously reported – the total number of units sold is far beneath that of the Wii-U’s predecessors. Is it time for this console to die? Let your thoughts be known in the comments below!

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