Kratos Lives! Check Out This Stunning God of War Cosplay

Even if you don’t know the name Maul Cosplay, you’ve almost certainly seen his work. Until The Witcher TV series premieres, he is Geralt of Rivia. Now, he’s added another renowned gaming character to his repertoire: the Ghost of Sparta and God of War, Kratos.

The German cosplayer recently posted a picture of himself as the updated version of Kratos from this year’s smash hit. The mighty beard, the eye scar, and red body paint are all picture perfect, as is Maul Cosplay’s scowl. Chills. Fur from Kratos’ armor completes the look (hopefully, it didn’t come from his Solid Snake companion). Thankfully, Maul Cosplay donned a bald cap rather than shaving his head, keeping his ridiculously good hair in tact.


Maul Cosplay, whose real name is Ben, frequently cosplays with his wife, Maja Felicitas. She also helps do his makeup, which can take upwards of three hours. (You can view the work in sped up videos on her Facebook page.) They recently rocked a pair of exciting Cyberpunk 2077 outfits, showing they’re even more hyped for the game than we are. Their photographer, eosAndy, helps give their looks the proper exposure they deserve. It’s about as strong of a team as you’ll find in the cosplay scene.

Ben also starred in an awesome Witcher fan film a couple of years ago, lending credence to the idea that he could play Geralt in the Netflix series. The DFTG team has discussed casting at length, and he’s our only unanimous choice for any major role. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. (Sorry, Henry.)

You can check out more of Maul Cosplay, Maja Felicitas, and eosAndy’s work on their Facebook pages.

With casting underway for The Witcher, do you think Maul Cosplay could take on the iconic role? What about the long-rumored God of War movie? Give us your thoughts on this iconic look in the comments below. For more gaming and entertainment updates, be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter and on Facebook!

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