Vote for Your Favourite Mass Effect Romance to Win ME-Themed Loot!

Mass Effect Romance

The universe that BioWare has created with their Mass Effect franchise is vast, full of new planets to explore and new alien races to engage with. Some of those aliens want to ‘engage’ a little further with a little in-game hanky panky. Romance is one of the many RPG aspects that players enjoy and everyone has their favourite bow-chica-wow-wow partner to conquer the galaxy with. Here’s your chance to make sure your BioWare romance takes the crown, vote for your favourite Mass Effect romance for a chance to win a secret ME-themed prize!

Vote for your favourite Mass Effect romance in the poll below! Characters from Mass Effect 1,2, 3, and Andromeda are featured, check it out:

Winners will be announced via our socials at both our Mass Effect-specific community and at DFTG. Not on Facebook all that much? Follow us on Twitter for the names of the winners!

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    Kaidan ALenko. Second Human Spectre

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