For the Readers in the Mass Effect Fandom – Every Comic and Novel Released So Far (and Future Releases)

The Mass Effect franchise spans across four games total so far with plenty more story to tell. What many might not know, however, is that the intricate story of a galaxy filled with intrigue goes past just the video game medium. There are full-blown novels, comics, as well as action figures and replicas to complete the journey into one completely enthralled fan. With Andromeda’s release now unleashed onto the market, there are other ways to satisfy that Mass Effect fandom curiousity. Here is the full list of every comic and novel released so far – and what’s on the horizon (in chronological order):

Comic Books: 


Mass Effect: Redemption

Mass Effect Fandom

Mass Effect: Redemption is comprised of four volumes total and is a prequel for the events in Mass Effect 2, a few months after the initial opening sequence. The narrative revolves around Liara T’Soni and details her mission of recovering Commander Shepard’s body that had been assumed dead after a tragic event aboard the Normandy. This series is also where fans will meet the Drell Feron, who was later introduced within the Shadow Broker DLC for ME2.

The first issue made its debut in January of 2010. Redemption was written by Mac Walters, scripted by John Jackson Miller, drawn by Omar Francia, and coloured by Michael Heisler. The cover art was courtesy of Daryl Mandryk.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Redemption here.

Mass Effect: Evolution

Mass Effect Fandom

Mass Effect: Evolution was another series comprised of four volumes and unlike Redemption, this narrative is set during the First Contact War. The timeline begins during this narrative in 2157 and details the origins of the Illusive Man and how he came to be the man we see in Mass Effect 2 and 3. The ‘evolution’ of Cerberus is also a huge highlight, interesting for players of the franchise to see more of the backstory and how an idea with good intentions became incredibly twisted and ultimately destructive.

The first issue released in January of 2011 and was written again by Mac Walters alongside the rest of the Redemption team with one difference. The cover artist for Evolution was done by Massimo Carnevale with an alternate version created by Moe Quinones.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Evolution here.

Mass Effect: Invasion

Mass Effect Fandom

Mass Effect: Invasion has Aria T’Loak front and center and details her battle against Cerberus that was seen in the Omega DLC in Mass Effect 3. Players of the trilogy have often vocalized that they wished that this badass Asari had more screen time, so this four-issue comic series is the perfect way for fans to get better acquainted with the leader of Omega. Just remember the number one rule.

The first issue of Invasion released in October of 2011 and was led by the previously mentioned team of Redemption.  A special edition of this comic was also included in the Mass Effect 3 N7 Collector’s Edition.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Invasion here.

Mass Effect: Homeworlds

Mass Effect: Homeworlds was a four-comic series that centered around the squadmates of Mass Effect 3. Each issue focused on a different character. Volume 1 focused on a volatile origin surrounding James Vega. Volume 2 centered on Tali Zorah, Volume 3 on Garrus Vakarian, and volume 4 focused on Liara T’Soni, who was previously featured in Mass Effect: Redemption. Each volume was written by the writers for their respective characters for authenticity.

The first volume dropped in April of 2012 and was led by the lead writer Mac Walters and the rest of the team.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Homeworlds here.

Mass Effect: Foundation

Mass Effect Fandom

Mass Effect: Foundation, unlike the previously mentioned comics, had a total of 13 comics in their series. Each volume has its very own story to tell, though the series as a whole has been said by BioWare to be related directly to the Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC, whereas issue 5 is directly tied into the events of Mass Effect 2. Thane, Zaeed, Mordin, Miranda, Jacob, Jack, Kai Leng, and more familiar faces are the spotlight characters in this 13-comic series.

The first volume dropped in February of 2014 and was written by Mac Walters, art by Omar Francia, colouring by Michael Atiyeh, with cover art by Benjamin Carre’.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Foundation here.

Mass Effect: Discovery

Mass Effect Fandom

Unlike the previous comics, this is the first set that will take place within the Andromeda narrative. This series will expand 4 volumes total, the first issue releasing May 24, 2017. You can read everything we know about the newest storyline here as well as the four released variant covers for Discovery.

Discovery is written by Jeremy Barlow alongside art by Gabriel Guzman and colouring by Michael Atiyeh.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Discovery here.

Single-Issue Comics:

  • Mass Effect: Incursion
    • Released via IGN in June of 2010.
    • The plot surrounds Aria T’Loak once more one week prior to the opening events of Mass Effect 2.
  • Mass Effect: Inquisition
    • Released via USA Today in October 2010.
    • The story follows Captain Bailey after the events in Mass Effect 2 as he investigates corruption found in C-Sec.
  • Mass Effect: Conviction
    • Released as a digital promotion for Dark Horse, the Mass Effect comic series publisher.
    • Follows the events after Arrival with David Anderson tasking James Vega with an important mission regarding a prisoner while on Omega.
  • Mass Effect: Blasto – Eternity is Forver
    • Another Dark Horse digital promotion.
    • Features everyone’s favourite badass Hanar Blasto as the first Spectre of his kind.
  • Mass Effect: He Who Laughs Best
    • A “Free Comic Book Day” special featuring fan favourite Joker, the best damn pilot in the galaxy.


Mass Effect: Revelation 

Mass Effect: Revelation is a prequel to the games set in the year of 2165. The narrative goes into the animosity seen between David Anderson and Turian Spectre Saren Arterius and how those events led to the conflict in Mass Effect 1. As a younger Anderson investigates an attack on a human research station with Saren, he begins to notice that there is something wrong about Arterius’ approach as Anderson questions whether or not he can be trusted.

Revelation was published in May 2007 and was written by Drew Karpyhyn.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Revelation here.

Mass Effect: Ascension 

Mass Effect: Ascension focuses on Gillian Grayson, a young biotic prodigy that made an appearance in the games. With Grayson being pursued by Cerberus, her and Kahlee Sanders (Anderson’s sweetie) must do everything in their power to stay one step ahead.

Ascension was first published in July of 2008 and was written by Drew Karpyshyn.

You can purchase Mass Effect: Ascension here.

Mass Effect: Retribution

 Mass Effect: Retribution takes place a few months after Mass Effect 2 and once again brings the story back to the increasingly corrupt human organization, Cerberus. During Retribution, this follows the organization’s search into Reaper technology that players come face to face with in Mass Effect 3, especially concerning the Illusive Man.
Retribution was published in June of 2010 and was written by Drew Karpyshyn.

Mass Effect: Deception

Mass Effect: Deception continues not long after Mass Effect: Retribution and brings the story back to Gillian Grayson as she investigates The Illusive Man following the murder of her father, Paul Grayson.

Deception was published in January 2012 and was written by William C. Dietz

You can purchase Mass Effect: Deception here.

Mass Effect Andromeda Series

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