The Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Launch Trailer is Here! (VIDEO)

Mass Effect Andromeda Official Launch Trailer

The wait for Mass Effect: Andromeda is growing shorter and shorter with each passing day. The details are being released, the red carpet is being rolled out(figuratively), and it is almost time for players to get their hands on the next title in the beloved franchise. The impending release date is truly solidified by what was just unveiled – The Mass Effect: Andromeda official launch trailer.

We dream of exploring the unknown… discovering what lies beyond.”

The video opens in a very cinematic way with the quote above. The camera pans out to see Commander Ryder standing at a window that is assumed to belong to the Tempest. From here, we get a few beautiful shots from space, on planets, and inside ships. The voice, which sounds an awful lot like Natalie Dormer’s Dr. Lexi T’Perro, is saying that we need to find somewhere new to live, everywhere we’ve been has been a bust, and “now more than ever, we need a pathfinder.” This is when things become a little more intense.

Music begins to play as we get better looks at the places we’ll be exploring. We also get an up close and personal look at our new bad guys. First, we catch a quick glimpse of the Kett, but it is when we see the Kett Archon in all of his glory… that’s when things get real.

Kett Archon

The Mass Effect: Andromeda official launch trailer, which was posted to the game’s YouTube channel, is a blend of pieces from previous cinematic trailers with a few new and extended looks thrown in. All in all, this video is pumping that hype train up to 11 and you need to watch it before your head explodes from anticipation. To see the new trailer in all of its ass-kicking, galaxy-exploring, alien-booty-getting glory, see below:

What say you, explorers? Is it becoming increasingly difficult to contain yourself when realizing we are so close to the launch of the game? What did you think of the Mass Effect: Andromeda official launch trailer? Let us know in the comments section below or start a conversation over on our Disqus channel. For live gaming and entertainment news 24/7, be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter. If you require more Mass Effect goodness, check out the following:

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