Mass Effect Andromeda: BioWare Reveals Why Post-Launch Failed

Mass Effect Andromeda BioWare Post-Launch DLC

The focus of BioWare may currently be on Anthem’s upcoming RPG prospects, but it wasn’t long ago when all eyes were on the re-emergence of the Mass Effect franchise. Following an epic trilogy travelling the stars, fighting the Reapers, and going on the prowl for alien booty, Mass Effect Andromeda looked to begin anew in an unexplored galaxy with the hope to capture the series’ past success.

However, response toward the release was not what the studio expected, with widespread criticism mounting in the wake of its less-than-stellar launch. This momentum-halting fumble combined with low game sales would eventually result in all post-launch plans going out the airlock, as Javik would say. Shaky foresight seemingly led to the downfall of Andromeda, and BioWare now reveals their plans for DLC didn’t have the most stable foundations ether.

Mass Effect Andromeda BioWare Post-Launch DLC

In an interview with US Gamer, producer Mike Gamble spoke regarding Anthem’s post-launch plans and expressed his confidence in the title’s ability to deliver regular expansions. Further expressing this idea, Gamble recalled Mass Effect Andromeda and its ill-fated DLC, revealing the lack of a “solid foundation” to support “long-term plans” such as the ones put in place for Anthem.

I can speak conclusively when it comes to Andromeda, the [post-launch] plans were never in place the way that they are for Anthem,” revealed Gamble. “The systems and tools weren’t in place to support the long-term plans, it was never like [Anthem]—never had a good, solid foundation to start from with that. Where with Anthem [post-launch] is a part of it. The job does not end on February 22. It only begins for us, really.”

With a focus toward online multiplayer, Anthem features a much easier means to provide updates, rather than the arduous time and effort involved with crafting a full-featured DLC. Gamble expresses this quicker output allows for less time between content, a plus for fans who’d grow impatient with DLC.

We don’t have to wait for full expansions anymore like our previous games, let alone other games in the [live service] space. If you look at Dragon Age or Mass Effect you’d have to wait three, four, five, six months sometimes between big updates. We don’t have to abide by that anymore. We can actually, week-over-week, trickle out content.”

Mass Effect Andromeda BioWare Post-Launch DLC

Mass Effect currently resides in an indefinite hypersleep awaiting its eventual return. Meanwhile, BioWare has stated on several occasions the franchise’s importance to the studio, and the measures that’ll take place to craft an exceptional entry next time around. Anthem, at least in part, would seem to inform the direction of Mass Effect moving forward, but it’s unknown what exactly that might entail. Perhaps BioWare’s recent tease of more news will shine some light on the subject, but only time will tell.

What do you think? Were you a fan of Mass Effect Andromeda despite its flaws, or was BioWare correct in putting the series on hold? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest gaming and entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more from the realm of BioWare, check out these next few news stories:

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