Marilyn Manson Debuts Music Video For Marvel’s ‘New Mutants’ Film (VIDEO)

The road leading up to the release of the upcoming The New Mutants film has faced a strange and complicated trajectory thus far. The film spent years in pre-production with director Josh Boone crafting the story together for 20th Century Fox, then another year spent assembling the cast and crew for the film. After filming in 2017, New Mutants was originally planned for a Spring 2018 release, but the studio demanded reshoots, pushing to release date to August 2nd of next year. While fans still have a while to wait, hopefully they will find some solace in a new Marilyn Manson music video made specifically for the film.

Marilyn Manson has released the new music video for his recording of Cry Little Sister on his official YouTube channel. Manson’s version was originally written and performed by Gerard McMahon for The Lost Boys (1987). That film heavily utilized the horror genre’s iconography of vampires, so it is quite fitting for Manson to use his take on the song for The New Mutants. The latter will take the superhero genre into a more horror-focused style not often seen by films made from the source material.

The new video does not seem to provide any new footage for New Mutants, but most likely fans will be scouting for any clues or details about the film throughout its run time. The music video is certainly on-brand for Manson’s style, and hopefully fans find that it meshes well with the final version of the movie next August.

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