Spider-Man PS4 Developers Promise To Do The Webslinger Justice

Spider-Man PS4

There have been a few Spider-Man games over the years that have come close to fully capturing the essence of the webslinging hero such as Spider-Man 2, which released back in 2004 or even Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions from 2010. The developers of the upcoming Spider-Man PS4 understand Spidey’s mantra of “with great power comes great responsibilities” and hopes to continue the trend of great games featuring the Wall Crawler himself

While in a recent interview, Insomniac Games’ Chief Brand Officer Ryan Schneider explained that the team is constantly trying to outdo themselves when it comes to the upcoming Spider-Man title. He also mentioned that the team understands the necessity to treat the licenses and properties with the utmost care and respect.”Not to get too corny,” he joked, “but we understand the great responsibility we have to deliver a truly remarkable Spider-Man experience.”

Spider-Man PS4

The upcoming Spider-Man title is the first IP that Insomniac Games hasn’t created themselves however the team is a passionate about the upcoming game. If history has proven anything, it’s that when Insomniac gets passionate, great things happen as can be seen with titles such as Sunset Overdrive and the Ratchet & Clank franchise.

It’s certainly a passion play for us. It’s our first game at Insomniac that is not our own IP, but we all grew up being Spider-Man fans, whether it was eating cereal in the mornings watching the cartoons or reading the comics, watching the films, playing the games – Spider-Man is a part of all of us, and I think he’s such a remarkable superhero because of how well people can relate and identify with being both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so just to have the opportunity to bring that character and world to life in our own way is beyond special.”

Spider-Man PS4 is set to release on September 7th of this year as a PlayStation 4 exclusive. Will Insomniac be able to live up the hopes and expectations of fans? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4 and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7  coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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