Limited Edition Mega Man X Statue Evokes Major Nostalgia (VIDEO)

Mega Man X

Die-hard Mega Man fans have a lot to celebrate, as this year marks the 30th anniversary for the blue mechanized hero. With three decades under their belts, Capcom has certainly delivered on a character that many still love in this day and age. What would be the best way to celebrate that admiration for such a long-standing character? Why, by owning one’s very own Mega Man X replica statue, of course! Created by HMO Collectibles, this 1:4 scale statue of the character is a beautiful effigy of Mega Man, with tons of stunning detail packed into a statue that really stands out against other character and game replicas. Check out the video below to see this gorgeous piece, presented by HMO Collectibles:

This Mega Man X statue is definitely a glorious piece, and offers up even the most minute of details to pay homage to this character. With removable plates, lucky owners of this piece can see the interior mech of The Blue Bomber, with weathered details painted by expert artist James Tce. The statue stands at about 54cm tall, and is made out of cold-cast porcelain by artist Mufizal Mokhtar for a finely detailed finish. The statue even comes in a red variant, and both editions of it have a light up feature for that added touch that brings the whole thing together with stunning results. It certainly warrants the $599 price range (or $1,200 range, for the Ultimate Edition) with that amount of work put into this Mega Man collectible of the ages.

Unfortunately, owning the Mega Man X piece comes at a cost aside from the hefty price range. The amount of work put into this collectible makes it a rare item, even more so the red variant, and according to the site, only 200 pieces of the blue variant and 75 of the red were created. As of right now, the website states that the statues are sold out, and no word on when or if more will be made in the future. This might save the beating one’s wallet might take, but for mega fans of this classic, the wait could be very long before the company states whether or not they will make more soon. In the meantime, check back with DFTG frequently for possible future news of this piece being restocked.

Thoughts on the creation of this Mega Man X replica? How many fans think that HMO Collectibles will restock this statue in the future? Make sure to join in on the discussion in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment updates 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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