LEGO Dimensions Discontinues Development According To Warner Bros.

LEGO Dimensions production

The last two years have seen an expansive universe come from the LEGO Dimensions production of expansion packs and content. The game had drawn in a multitude of franchises from Harry Potter to Doctor Who, Batman, and Ghostbusters, these expansions and more will no longer be joined by new additions. The news came from a tweet that can be seen below:

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has officially announced that LEGO Dimensions production will cease. The company, in tandem with TT Games and The LEGO group, will continue to provide support and maintain servers, but will not offer additional content in the future. According to the statement, the company weighed the decision carefully before coming to a conclusion.

This may come as a surprise to fans who have diligently followed the stories and expansions as they have been released. While that support and love for the game are strong, it is not enough to keep the franchise alive. This particular genre has seen a decline in interest and sales in recent years making the decision to end LEGO Dimensions one that has more to do with business than whether or not fans love the game.

LEGO Dimensions production

LEGO Dimensions isn’t the only game of its type to see an end. Disney Infinity recently announced the conclusion of their support for the game due to sales. Furthermore, Skylanders hasn’t seen a new release for the year either. While it is sad to see these fun and exciting titles come to an end, it will be interesting to see if something new rises from the ashes or if this genre will become a nostalgic pass-time.

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