LEGO Dimensions production

LEGO Dimensions Discontinues Development According To Warner Bros.

The last two years have seen an expansive universe come from the LEGO Dimensions production of expansion packs and content. The game had drawn in a multitude of franchises from…

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Lego Ninjago game

Master the Art of Spinjitzu with New Lego Ninjago Game (VIDEO)

The next Lego Movie from Warner Bros. will feature none other than the Ninjago franchise. Fans may have been ecstatic over the announcement of the film, but news of a new…

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Lego Dimensions Teen Titans

Lego Dimensions Teen Titans, Powerpuff Girls and Beetlejuice Packs Revealed

Lego Dimensions has been going strong with its stacked release schedule of expansion packs to help keep players interested in the game, bringing new updates and franchise universes to the…

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Lego Dimensions Batman Movie

Lego Dimensions Batman Movie and Knight Rider Expansions Available Now (VIDEO)

In recent years, Lego has enjoyed quite the run in the gaming industry as characters from popular movies and TV shows being to join their ever expanding universe. Yesterday marked two…

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Everything is Awesome With New Gremlins Addition to Lego Dimensions

If you haven’t played Lego Dimensions yet, you may not be aware of the wacky universe you’re stepping into. Imagine a world where Ghost Busters can hang with Doctor Who,…

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