Multiple Retailers Leak Possible God Of War Release Date

God of War Release Date

Despite a flurry of new, significant titles arriving to the PlayStation 4 during the remainder of 2017, many owners of the Sony console are eagerly looking forward to the blockbuster titles that are confirmed to be coming to the device next year. Fans were given a bevy of new information about the game at the recent events at Paris Games Week with more promised before the game’s launch. However, one thing still not known yet about the game is its release date. Given this, two separate European retailers may have possibly leaked the God of War release date.

According to new reports from the Greek VG24, two major European game retailers have listed the upcoming God of War date, and have both listed May 23rd, 2018. The first listing for the game came from Greece-based games retailer, giving a price, description and the Spring release date for the game. The next listing for the game seen above then came from an additional retailer listing the same May 23rd release date also, which adds to the credibility of the Gamescom release date. It is possible, though, that the second retailer may have just borrowed the information from Gamescom.

The only information regarding the game’s release date by Sony so far has been stated as “Early 2018”. Traditionally, most would infer this as meaning the first quarter of the year, but some might also include Quarter 2, which these leaks would still fall into. Only time will tell when Kratos returns for new adventures with his son. What do you guys think about these possible leaks of the God of War release date? Let us know in the comments below!

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