A Lord Of The Rings TV Series May Be In The Works At Amazon

Rings TV series

Yes, you read that right. According to Variety, J.R.R. Tolkien’s estate and Warner Bros. are looking to develop a Lord of the Rings TV series with Amazon based on the novels. According to the report, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is personally involved with the conversations between companies. The talks are said to be in the early stages and there has yet to be an agreement reached for the show.

Variety says that the Lord of the Rings TV series isn’t just on Amazon’s doorstep, however, they seem to be the company they’d most like to produce the series. At this point, there is no confirmation from any of the companies about this negotiation and when approached by Variety, they offered no comment.

Rings TV series

It seems that the Amazon CEO being involved in negotiations for the Lord of the Rings TV series, or any series for that matter, is a rarity. This could speak of the company’s desire to get on board with what is bound to be an epic opportunity. Another reason may be with Amazon Studios recently losing company President Roy Price after sexual harassment charges and separately, their heads of Scripted and Unscripted programming (Joe Lewis and Conrad Riggs respectively).

The prospect of a Lord of the Rings TV series is an exciting one. With shows like “The Man in the High Castle”, “Transparent”, “Mozart in the Jungle”, “Sneaky Pete”, and “Bosch” under their belt, Amazon would be an excellent choice. With any luck, the fandom may just get a lengthy series that will do the books even greater justice than the films.

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