God Of War Director Reportedly Developing Biggest Project Yet

God of War is an exceptional game of storytelling, highlighting Kratos‘ later years and the relationship with his son Atreus, there’s still plenty of enemies to destroy in the 2018…

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God of War Infographic

God Of War Infographic Details Players’ Combat Results, Equipment Choices

Perhaps the biggest story on PlayStation 4 this year has been God of War, which brought a new and fresh take on Kratos’ story. With the game introducing iconic Norse…

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God Of War Player Beats Hardest Boss On Highest Difficulty, Zero Damage Taken (VIDEO)

Many gamers enjoy a good challenge and developers have no problem ramping up the difficulty for different modes. Every once in a while a fan will come to the conclusion…

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War Photo Mode

God Of War Photo Mode Lets Players Put A Smile On Kratos’ Face

The new God of War has finally released, and players everywhere are experiencing the gripping new adventure for themselves. The game has been very well received by critics, earning it…

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God of War Motion Capture

God of War Motion Capture Featurette Highlights Kratos’s Badass Moves (VIDEO)

In less than a month, God of War fans will be reunited with Kratos in the newest main entry in the God of War franchise. This new title is promising…

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God of War Length

Future God Of War Games May Establish The Franchise In Egypt Or Mayan Mythology

As the world moseys on along into 2018, one of the most highly-anticipated games of the year is Sony’s and SIE Santa Monica Studio’s God of War. The upcoming third-person title…

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War ESRB Rating Confirms If Love Scenes Are Returning

God Of War ESRB Rating Confirms If Love Scenes Are Returning

God of War‘s Kratos is on yet another rage bender set for release in 2018, and this time he’s focused on the gods and monsters of Norse mythology. While that premise may seem…

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God of War Release Date May Have Leaked on PlayStation Store

God of War Release Date May Have Leaked on PlayStation Store

One of the most anticipated titles headed to the PlayStation 4 is Sony’s next installment of the God of War series. Having recently been showcased in a new trailer, fans have been on…

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God of War Release Date

Multiple Retailers Leak Possible God Of War Release Date

Despite a flurry of new, significant titles arriving to the PlayStation 4 during the remainder of 2017, many owners of the Sony console are eagerly looking forward to the blockbuster…

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