Lawbreakers Cinematic Trailer Promises Gravity-Defying Battles and More (VIDEO)

LawBreakers Cinematic Trailer

LawBreakers is the quick-paced FPS that prides itself on gravity-defying-combat. With a myriad of characters to choose from, the title is sure to bring the heat, as is evident by previous videos and closed betas. With that being said, fun and excitement are ramped up with the release of the LawBreakers cinematic trailer. The video features a battle between the Law and the Breakers over an intriguing case, with its contents even more mysterious. Take a look below:

The LawBreakers cinematic trailer features many of the unique characters available in the game. Each has a set of unique skills and abilities that allow them to fight in the wild fast paced war zone. Players will depend on skill in order to win the day as they battle in futuristic settings forever altered by “The Shattering”.

As the name suggests, players will be able to choose a side. Whether on the side of the Law, or the side of the Breakers, players will compete in team battles promising to take the shooter genre to new levels. The standout feature of this game, as featured in the LawBreakers cinematic trailer, is that the physics of the game is often turned on its head.

LawBreakers Cinematic Trailer

Earlier this week, the second closed beta came to an end and to celebrate, the developers launched the trailer. Now that the beta is closed, fans can be hopeful that more information about the game will become available. With the release of the LawBreakers cinematic trailer, a launch date could be arriving soon. Nexon has yet to give specifics of when Boss Key Productions‘ latest game can be expected, however, players can expect the title to be available on PlayStation 4 and Steam when it does release. If anything, E3 is right around the corner, and with Don’t Feed the Gamers having boots on the ground in Los Angeles, you better believe we’ll have the latest scoop.

Will LawBreakers live up to its hype as being a team shooter game changer? Join in on the conversation in the comments section below! As always, don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7! If more reading is desired, check out the following:

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