Latest Ark Patch Offers Teleporters, Sea Labs, and the Majesty of Unicorns (VIDEO)

Latest Ark Patch

Ark has been a favorite pastime for many open-world survival enthusiasts. As if the prospect of riding a T-Rex to your mega mountain base wasn’t enough, the latest Ark patch is bringing hopes and dreams to the mysterious land masses of Dinotopia. The trailer below shows all of the juicy details but we have a lot to say about what’s coming with patch v 256.

Firstly, a myriad of new creatures are joining the respawn pool and among them are wild horses, dubbed Equus Magnus. But imagine, if you will, that dawn has struck the shores of your quiet thatch bungalow getaway when you hear the whinny of a herd of wild ponies. As you step out onto the warm sands you see among them, in all its majesty, a horned horse. Yes, wild unicorns have been loaded onto the Ark.

You tame these in as much as you would tame any other wild horse. You leap on their back and hold on for dear life as they buck around until finally, they love you. Cute! Once you’ve bagged one of these speedy mounts, you can use the new lasso item to snag other creatures and players throughout the game. Just like the wild west!

This latest Ark patch isn’t just bringing the majesty of the Unicorn, which we think is enough in and of itself. You will now be able to build aquatic bases. Yes, your wildest Steve Zissou dreams can come true as you endeavor to build the ultimate sea lab. Here you’ll be able to try out the aquatic and amphibious breeding that has just been added and outfit your water mounts with armor. Yes, sharks with friggin laser beams attached to their heads is now a thing in Ark.

Speaking of fish, the Leedsichthys Coniviviumbrosia is taking a dive in the latest Ark patch as well. This is one BMF…Fish. We know you’ll just love meeting this one as it attempts to tear your new pirate ship to pieces!

Latest Ark Patch

For a more peaceful fish encounter, you may enjoy the Ichthyornis Piscoquus. This seagull like tame will sit on your shoulder and fetch you fish from the safety of the shore. You’ll be a total Baywatch Beast Master with the latest Ark patch.

But there’s more. New ponytail and mutton chops features and brand new sounds will give your survivor the unique look they’ve been craving this season as you traverse the wild wilderness. You can do that in even more style with the fast racing Iguanodon as you harvest fruit and look stellar. If flying is your thing there is a “flying nerf” that may make your airborne dinos a little less impactful, but no less awesome.

Latest Ark Patch

Finally, this latest Ark patch has changed the inventory UI and added in wireless generators and teleporters. The last of which would allow players to fast travel the map! You can view all of the patch notes here! Ark is currently 67% off on Steam, but that will only last until tomorrow, so the time is nigh for getting on board the Ark in all of its new majesties!

What do you think of the latest Ark patch? Have you tamed any of the new dinos yet? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below or start your own on our Disqus! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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