ARK: Survival Evolved Developers Aim to Pay Modders $4K a Month

When it comes to the PC versus console battle, PC usually reigns supreme. Besides the incredible graphics one can achieve, there has always been one thing PC gamers got to experience that console gamers could not – modding. Although there are some exceptions like Bethesda’s Fallout 4 and Skyrim: Special Editionconsoles will probably never have the freedom of modifying their games quite like PC. Some video game mods are so in-depth and high in quality, it is hard to believe that they didn’t come from the original developers. A lot of hard work goes into creating epic mods, but there usually isn’t a big payout. Studio Wildcard, the developers of the action-survival game ARK: Survival Evolved, are willing to fork out some major cash for those willing to create extra content.

ARK survival Evolved

ARK’s lead designer, lead programmer, and co-creative director Jeremy Stieglitz recently spoke out about the studios appreciation for the modding community. In an interview, Stieglitz spoke about the studio’s upcoming program that intends to pay modders for their hard work. A $4,000 salary will be awarded to 15 modders selected by the studio at the beginning of each month. During that month, each modder will be evaluated as they create new mods for the game, as well as operating to improve other works. At the end of the month, each candidate will either be kept on to forego another month, with an additional $4,000, or be replaced by another successor.

Stieglitz claimed that there is definitely room for expanding the program, if the need should arise:

If we have to expand the program because the 15 mods are all doing so well that we don’t want to cut any of them, then we’ll expand the program to more mods every month. The hope is that with this kind of stipend… will let them spend more time on modding, and ideally, hopefully, take some of these mods to completion.”

ARK survival Evolved

The content created during the time allotted has the potential to eventually make it into ARK: Survival Evolved as official DLC (downloadable content). A veteran modder and current Studio Wildcard employee, Cedric Burkes will be making the call as to which mods will make it and which will be thrown to the curb. Feedback from players will also be taken into consideration. Stieglitz suggested that maybe further down the road, Burkes could choose mods that would go into a voting pool for the community to vote on.

More information is expected to come out of GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2017, which runs from February 27 through March 3. What do you think of Studio Wildcard’s new program? Are you a modder? Do you play ARK: Survival Evolved? Do you think the $4,000 stipend is a fair and reasonable allotment for the work that goes into modding? Sound off in the comments section below or join the discussion on our official Disqus. To catch all of the hottest gaming news 24/7, be sure to follow us on Twitter.

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